K-Music Festival presented Ssingssing at the Southbank Centre. One of a series of live events that was shared across all social platforms and other online destinations. The Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) are extremely engaged with their audience and use videos and photos as a means to create brand awareness and promote the culture and talent of their country to the world stage.

To use the social feeds as the medium of distribution means that the people who follow and share become the ambassadors of the story and extend the reach of the KCCUK to give the message a personal rather than corporate recommendation.

First a trailer was created for this event that used existing footage from previous performances. This was shared online and a version was also created inline with the branding of the Southbank centre for use within their building on their digital displays. 

On the day of the performance an interview with the artist was captured, the show was filmed and a cross section of the audience were asked their opinion. TODDCS created three videos and a series of photographs from this which were used in articles and reviews across the web.

 We repeated this success for each of the events in this series. Find out more about each concert by clicking the buttons below.

We have also worked with the Korean Cultural Centre UK on a number of other projects.

Luke Toddfrey