Great Yorkshire Fringe

The Great Yorkshire Fringe has graced the streets of York for the last five years. Comedy, cabaret, theatre and music have flourished all thanks to this key summer event. It continues to grow with the city, engage with residents, visitors, support local businesses and encourage tourism for the wider area.

TODDCS have been there to witness the growth and capture the atmosphere that the festival creates each year - our brief every time? Sum up the fun.

The structure of this video is based on the experience of someone visiting the fringe.

When you have the option to start your video with the iconic (Yorkshire born) Sir Michael Palin then you take it. This is followed by an introduction to BOB (The Box Office Bus) an icon of the fringe set up in the middle of Parliament Street for the duration. Shots follow of the outside spaces, audiences settling in, a selection of acts, food and drink and some reactions to the festival.

The visuals are sound tracked with music which has been used annually for each video created providing consistency to the brand identity. Animation created by TODDCS gives life to the logo and creates a book end with impact for this trailer.


The festival is produced by the team behind London’s Leicester Square Theatre and promoted by Mobius Industries. Work produced by TODDCS as been used to develop the online identity of the brand, featuring on the festival website, social feeds and with associated companies such as Visit York and BBC Radio York. It has been successful in drawing in new crowds and bringing back happy audience members each year. Photographs captured by TODDCS were used by the local businesses providing delicious food and drink for the event.

The Great Yorkshire Fringe brings together the people of York for a Great Yorkshire time.

Images were used to shape the brand identity on the official website, social feeds and given to press for marketing purposes.

Luke Toddfrey