EQUALITY with Combination Dance

Equality. A theme explored with Combination Dance company over a period of a year.

Elements of this project were seen by thousands across the UK in the form of live performances, online distribution and broadcast on Channel Four.

Several companies partnered with Combination Dance including The National Archives, Rambert School, Epsom Downs Jockey Club, University of Roehampton, Victoria Bid and The Harlequins Rugby team. Social engagement was viral and effective.

Initial research into this topic created a series performances at that toured schools and were accompanied by this video ‘In Her Shoes’ as a projected backdrop.


The first full piece of the project looked at a point in history. A shot film, ‘Deeds Not Words’ was created on location at Epsom Race course with performer Chloe Mead. The focus was on the suffragette Emily Davison and her final act at Epsom Downs Racecourse where she tragically lost her life. The theme of how our issues of yesterday still echo through to today’s society were examined. Find out more about this shoot here.

This film was used to generate interest online and advertise a live performance that happened in Victoria Station. This was accompanied by a video presented on digital screens in the Victoria area to also advertise to passers by. A webpage and photographs were created from Scott David Photography. Channel Four were interested in the live show that was presented and asked if it could be shown at a prime time slot on the show ‘The Last Leg’ Click here to see this performance.

This led to the Equality Chant which is on tour in 2019 including the creation of a linked performance piece with a large community cast reaching over 1000 children and young people.

This project continues the legacy of an amazing centenary year with a pan London dance project inspired by the capital’s commitment to equality.
— Anne-Marie Smalldon, Artistic Director of Combination Dance
Luke Toddfrey