Cadogan Hall

Set in the heart of Chelsea, Cadogan Hall is one of London’s leading venues. The Hall’s 950 seats, excellent acoustic and luxurious surroundings makes it the first choice for some of the UK’s top orchestras, including the Hall’s resident orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic, as well as a favourite London destination for international touring orchestras. Cadogan Hall is the chosen venue for the world-famous BBC Proms Chamber Music Series and also offers a vibrant selection of contemporary, jazz, folk and world music events as well as talks, debates and conferences.

TODDCS has partnered with Cadogan Hall on several projects. Most notably the company's online and print identity. The content we developed had to draw in new audiences and promoters whilst also appealing to the halls current following.


This video had to be a focused roundup for potential patrons and promoters of the hall. It had to appeal to a classical and contemporary audience whilst displaying the features and facilities available. It is used on the ‘Hire the Hall’ section of the current website and has been featured on the company’s social and professional feeds.


TODDCS has collaborated with Cadogan Hall on several occasions creating digital content based on a variety of the live events that take place there. These have been used for marketing and archiving and have been a useful tool for the artists and companies involved.


Cadogan Hall is regularly featured in the press. Photographs and other digital content created by TODDCS have stood along side these reviews and articles from companies such as The Times and Timeout.


Here is a sample of the library of photographs commissioned to document Cadogan Hall. They have been displayed digitally on the current iteration of the venue website, social feeds and in-house venue screens and in print as posters displayed on the underground and Sloane Square and on brochures and merchandise. They also exist as a visual aid in displaying the facilities and technicalities of the hall for promoters. Below are some examples of the real world application of these images.


Cadogan Hall Website Pages

Brochures and Flyers

Posters and Voucher Artwork


This is an impossible portrait of Cadogan Hall. Constructed from multiple images over a period of three months to create a photo-real, scale version of the front of the building as the architect might have intended it. Why is it impossible?

Luke ToddfreyCadogan Hall