The Man Who Shot James Bond

Bert Cann – A photographer who worked with many icons from the classic era of film, had a full career with Life magazine and created a legacy that is part of the world’s collective zeitgeist today.

We have been granted access to his full back catalogue – from the Beatles to Bond – original prints, one-of-a-kind negatives, all his equipment and newspaper articles filled with so many stories. In conjunction with his daughter and TV presenter Sally James and The Talent Agency, the intent is to digitize the collection and share it with the public. ‘The Man Who Shot James Bond’ was filmed with Sally James and brings to life a sample of his work.

This is a continuing process with many avenues to explore. First on the agenda was to bring together and catalog the archive.


One of the great pieces is the scrapbook that he kept throughout his career. ‘Click and Tell‘ holds many great stories and images documenting his photography through to the reaction from the press to some of the iconic shots he created. Extracts of which are below.


A logo, website and social feeds were created to become home to all of the material that we collect.

This is an ongoing project – follow @BertCannPhoto on InstagramTwitter or Facebook or check out the website for updates.

We want to hear from you, especially if you have recollections about Bert and from that era too, please email or use the contact section of the Bert Cann website.

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