Video and photography are proven tools to reach a targeted audience. Online engagement can be quantified and have a direct impact on the Client’s brand identity.

Each piece of work that we undertake is bespoke and for every project we have a way of working that keeps everybody informed, so that our Client’s needs are met fully. Here is our tried and trusted method.


Pre Production

a. Project Proposal

After the initial consultation with each Client, a proposal is created. It establishes what is required; the details are shared and a plan is agreed.

b. Contract

Once this proposal is agreed, a contract is then created and signed by both parties.

c. Deposit

An invoice for the agreed deposit is issued to the Client. This is payable in advance of project commencement.

d. Planning

Based on the agreed contract, a shooting plan / storyboards are created. Any permissions / licences and locations are organised. Any additional equipment / crew are hired.



Adhering to the previously agreed plan affords us time when situations change. We are highly adaptable and can quickly ensure that every shot is covered. Any third party equipment and crew will be managed to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot.


Post Production

a. The Editing Procedure

1. Captured content will be uploaded, edited and composited, based on the agreed style of the Client.

2. All shots will be colour graded and matched to be consistent within the piece. All audio will also be levelled and cleaned as necessary.

3. Agreed title sequences, credits and graphics (including logos) will be collated and then applied as required.

4. The finished video / series of photographs will be encoded to an agreed format and shared with the Client for review.

5. One cycle of changes to the sequence is included within the contract, the scope of which will be mutually agreed. The sequence will then be re-edited and re-encoded for approval by the Client.

6. The final content will be uploaded in the required format to the Client’s chosen destination.

b. Balance

On completion of the above we will send the final invoice for the outstanding balance.

c. Social Sharing and Blog Post

After each project is complete and with the Client’s agreement, an article is written which will include a sample of the content created. This is shared on the TODDCS blog and social feeds, linking back to the Client’s site, as appropriate.

d. Feedback

We are proud to report that our work is generated via a significant number of referrals. We always aim to ensure that every job we complete leads to a successful relationship and future collaboration with the Client.

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